Welcome to WCP RC Models

WW1 German 1/16 76mm Field Artillery Gun
WW2 German 1/16 Pak40 hunting

Here at WCP RC Models & Crafts we like to offer our customers somewhere where they can have what they want for their own RC Models Custom designed & 3D printed. We have Many stock accessories and we make to order.

We offer accessories to make your RC Look the part, to bring it to life, and we can also help with upgrades aswell.

1/16 WW2 German Field Kitchen(Feldkuche), otherwise known as the Gulaschkanone

Please look at our gallery, we try to keep this up to date with all our new designs & builds. We also design parts on commission, so if there is something you need, why not contact us and we can see what we can do for you. Take care & Happy Modelling

WW2 British Pneumaticised 18pdr 1/16

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