Mad Stuff

We don’t just do militaria & offroad crawlers and vehicles, we do a vast array of different models.
Just for fun we like to build the odd Hot Rod or Rat Rod aswell as building a few Mad Max style vehicles.

Below is a commission build for a 1/10 Tamiya Holiday Buggy being turned into a Mad Max Buggy. We call this one the Mad Jax buggy as it was for a young boy called Jack to be enjoyed with his uncle.
We took the built kit and heavily modified the bodyshell with many details and custom designed parts aswell as a distressed looking paint job. This thing means business with its super ram charger sticking out the back with straight cut exhausts a bottle of Nitrous and a Minigun & 30 cal machine gun for defensive purposes.

Tamiya Holiday Buggy MadJax

Willys Jeep converted into Camouflaged Hunting Jeep
Rat Rod Willys Jeep called Willy Rat